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Ecological civilization, energy saving and environmental protection are becoming the world's common understanding and are also Hengfeng Weaving’s development conceptwhich has been passed down from generation to generation with the Hengfeng family.

Focus on the current, but also look aheadat the future. While improving the company's production capacity, Hengfeng Weaving adheres to both development and environmental protection and actively plans the company’s transformation and upgrading.It has kept developing and applyingenvironment-friendly technologiesand equipment. For example,it now uses German Orbal oxidation ditch, French DegremontDensadeg clarifier, reverse osmosis and other advanced technology to treat its process waste water. It strictly implements the EU OKO-TEX100 standard and AZO-FREE environmental standard and combines clean production and comprehensive utilization, effectively reducing pollution, saving energy and reducing emissions, and achieving the environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable green development.

Hengfeng Weaving actively advocates environmental protection.It has established itself into a model of environmental protection and energy conservation in the industry. Meanwhile, it actively carries out, participates in and supports the green action, practicesits corporate citizenship responsibilities and strives to achieve a win-win situation amongthe company, customers and the environment.